Working Remotely

Virtual Desktop Hosting

Windows 10 (and the applications associated with it) can be accessed from anywhere, no matter what type of device you’re using (Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, or devices with HTML5 web clients). You’ll be able to remotely connect to an enterprise courtesy of Windows’ Virtual Desktop. An Azure VM of any kind can be picked by IT that meets their team’s needs, as it can leverage a multi-session on Windows 10. You’ll be able to run several concurrent interactive sessions effortlessly without changing deployments, which is cost-efficient for your organization.

Microsoft’s Office and Teams Experience Is Seamless and Should Be Leveraged

Provide staff with an experience no different from the ones they have with their laptop or desktop. That may entail using Outlook to manage an inbox, OneDrive to share files with, or Microsoft Teams to host collaborative meetings on.

Minimize costs – no extra license fees – Windows Virtual Desktop will not cost you a cent. You can use it with the current Windows or Microsoft 365 license you have.

Minimize infrastructure costs – correct size VMs while shutting down in-use VMs. VM utilization can be increased by way of a multi-session on Windows 10. Bypass upfront fees while aligning operational costs with actual business usage.

Management overhead can be reduced by relocating all VDI to a cloud-managed service.